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Battle of the Bands


The 27th Annual Moorpark High School Battle of the Bands Field Tournament (BOTB) will be held on Saturday, November 11th, 2023, on the campus of Moorpark High School. We are honored that the 27th BOTB will also serve as the division 2A Prelims for SCSBOA (Southern California School Band and Orchestra Association) in advance of its Championships the following Saturday.


This event is a celebrated opportunity for several thousand students from dozens of programs throughout Southern California to demonstrate their skills, passion, and dedication to craft and showmanship.



We hope that you will consider registering for BOTB through CompetitionSuite, and look forward to seeing you at our event. 


This event only happens with the support of several hundred volunteers (students, parents, family members, friends, alumni, local service groups, & supportive area residents) who are needed to fill 180 specific shifts in scores of roles all over campus and throughout the day. Please volunteer for at least one shift!

Parking roles are critical, for the safety of attendees and as their first point of interaction with the event. Others roles include hospitality and support of the judges and instructional staff; sales of tickets, concessions, buttons, & shirts; and many more!

Students will earn hours towards their service requirements, including middle school or high school community service hours, and NHS or CSF activity credits. Relatives, friends, and community supporters will earn our undying gratitude


Come for a full day of music and performance, for about a dollar per hour, supporting a half dozen music programs serving Moorpark students studying jazz, strings, woodwinds, marching band, color guard, and more! 

We regret that parking is limited, and appreciate your support of our volunteers who work to ensure that performers can occupy the spaces dedicated to them for parking and preparation.

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