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Color Guard

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The Color Guard is a hard working part of the Moorpark Marching Musketeers. They not only perform with the band during the field show, but also during parades, and second semester independently from the band in Winterguard.


The Color Guard spins flags, rifles and sabers; while incorporating dance and gymnastics into their routine to create a fantastic show of colors, tricks, and illusions that will leave you amazed.


The team and their coach have been working incessantly to ensure this Guard's season along with creating the choreography for the field show.

2024 WGASC SAA Championships

  • 1st place

2023 WGASC SA Championships

  • 4th place

2022 WGASC HSA Championships

  • Silver Medal

2021 WGASC HSAA Championships

  • Gold Medal

2019 WGASC SAAA Championships

  • Gold Medal

2023 SCSBOA 2A Championships

  • 2nd place Auxiliary

2022 SCSBOA 2A Championships

  • 2nd place Auxiliary

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