Corps Leadership Council (CLC)

The Corps Leadership Council (CLC) is a group of students that are talented, driven and extremely dedicated to the program. Each member of the CLC is an inspiring member of the program that others look up to for guidance and direction.  They volunteer hundreds of hours each year to help the program and the students that are a part of it be organized and aide in our success.  These students aide the staff as well as boosters alike on many fronts throughout the year.  CLC students represent their respective sections or ensembles while making decisions for the good of the program.


All CLC members write essays, submit transcripts, interview/audition and attend a leadership camp in order to learn the skills it takes to handle such a large responsibility. The CLC meets every Wednesday during Lunch. It is important to take part in this to make sure your voice is heard.


CLC 2019 - 2020 Members


President - Brady Flavin

Drum Major - Calvin Gajda

Assistant Drum Majors - Keilani Stringfellow & Hunter Avellona

Vice President - Braeden Boe

Secretary - Courtney Johnson

Publicist - Jacob Merkord


Pit - Jared Haar
Battery - Alex Carrillo
Woodwind - Julia Mcmorrow
Brass - Nick Fischetti

Color Guard - Yesenia Sosa


Section Leaders
Mellophone - Ethan Stankiewicz
Saxophone - Nicky Boeck
Trumpet -  Michael Sherbrooke
Baritone - Kiaya Mueller
Clarinet - Kevin Brown
Flute - Donovan Bautista
Sousaphone - Keeston Jacobs

Class Representative

Noah Godard


Jimmy Darrow