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The 2023-2024 Moorpark Marching Musketeers

The Moorpark Marching Musketeers is the hardest working group in the Moorpark High music program. They compete or perform in Parade and Field competitions all over Southern California.  The Corps, consisting of the Band, Drumline and Colorguard provide an opportunity for growth and enrichment through very high work ethic. The marching band encourages each student to work toward his/her fullest potential by challenging the members intellectually, physically, and creatively, on and off the field.

Membership in an organization such as the MHS Marching Musketeers, is a remarkable opportunity to both work as a team and gain individual recognition.  Students experience leadership, learn discipline, cooperation and responsibility, while engaging in a creative and fun activity. Marching Band is a unique way to blend musicianship, visual achievement and excellent show design to create an entertaining show on the field or musical experience on the street.

Check the website for information on our annual performance at the Moorpark Country Day's Parade in October and the Moorpark High Battle of the Bands Field Show Tournament in November.

2023 - SCSBOA 2A Championships

  • Gold Medal

  • High Percussion

  • High Music

2022 - SCSBOA 2A Championships

  • Silver Medal

  • High Percussion

  • High Music

2019 - SCSBOA 3A Championships

  • 4th Place

2018 SCSBOA 4A Championships

  • 9th Place



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